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Connecting Survivors is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organiztion that brings individuals with TBI (traumatic brain injury) together to communicate, learn, understand and feel inspired by our messages of hope and compassion. We believe that every single person with a TBI deserves to live a fulfilling life and make meaningful connections with others who understand the difficulties and challenges associated with surviving a TBI. We bring TBI survivors together for emotional support and provide resources that can help every individual survivor grow, heal, and live a healthy & fulfilling life. Through advocacy and outreach activities, we strive to give as much support to those who need it the most, TBI survivors.

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Approximately 1.7 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury every year. Some individuals who have sustained a TBI may have very minimal symptoms, while many others are impacted in major ways that can lead to total devastation and isolation. TBI's can be mild, moderate or severe depending upon the severity of a forceful impact to an individual's head or body. Many survivors of TBI report adverse effects which can be immediate or delayed. These effects may include loss of memory; confusion; difficulties with problem solving, learning new material, reading and writing, and communicating. Many individuals also suffer from relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and mood instability. Very often, TBI survivors feel misunderstood, alone, overwhelmed, and isolated from others.    

We realized just how many people are affected by TBI's and that there is a great need to provide resources and emotional support to as many as possible. We understand just how painful their experiences can be. This is why we ultimately decided to launch Connecting Survivors. It has become our mission. To connect. To support. And to give hope to TBI survivors across the world. 

Partying with Friends

Connecting Survivors Mission

Our 501(c)3 is a charitable non-profit organization committed to helping individuals with TBI identify and develop their individual strengths, better understand their unique challenges, and develop healthy coping skills for living life to the fullest.  

Our mission is to help bring TBI survivors together for forming lasting and supportive relationships. Our vision is to provide all survivors with inspiration & hope, emotional support, educational resources, and assistance with job coaching and personal development. We strive to help all survivors learn how to work within their individual limitations and accept themselves for the uniqueness of who they are.        


 Connecting Survivors, Inc.

Nick Pellegrino, President

356 Bonnie Sue Dr

Villa Rica, GA 30180

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