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How To Use Treeage Pro 2015 To Model Crack Spread Dynamics

Treeage Pro 2015: A Powerful Tool for Crack Spread Analysis

Crack spread is a term used in the oil industry to measure the difference between the price of crude oil and the prices of its refined products, such as gasoline and diesel. Crack spread is an indicator of the profitability of refining crude oil into various products. The higher the crack spread, the more profitable it is for refiners to process crude oil.

How to Use Treeage Pro 2015 to Model Crack Spread Dynamics

However, crack spread is not a fixed value, but rather a dynamic one that changes according to market conditions, such as supply and demand, seasonality, inventory levels, geopolitical events, and environmental regulations. Therefore, it is important for refiners and traders to monitor and analyze crack spread trends and fluctuations in order to optimize their operations and strategies.

One of the tools that can help with crack spread analysis is Treeage Pro 2015, a software that allows users to create and evaluate decision models using various methods, such as decision trees, Markov models, Monte Carlo simulation, sensitivity analysis, and more. Treeage Pro 2015 can help users to:

  • Build realistic and flexible models of crack spread scenarios using different assumptions and parameters.

  • Simulate the outcomes and uncertainties of crack spread scenarios using probabilistic distributions and random sampling.

  • Compare and rank different crack spread scenarios based on their expected values, costs, benefits, risks, and trade-offs.

  • Perform sensitivity analysis to identify the key factors that affect crack spread and how they impact the results.

  • Generate reports and graphs to communicate and present the findings and recommendations of crack spread analysis.

Treeage Pro 2015 is a powerful tool for crack spread analysis that can help users to make informed and rational decisions in the oil industry. By using Treeage Pro 2015, users can gain insights into the complex and uncertain dynamics of crack spread and optimize their refining and trading activities accordingly.

How to Use Treeage Pro 2015

To use Treeage Pro 2015, users need to install the software on their computers and activate it with a license key. Users can download the software from the Treeage website and request a free trial or purchase a license. Users can also access the User Manual[^1^] and the online tutorials[^2^] [^3^] for guidance on how to use the software.

Once the software is installed and activated, users can start creating and evaluating decision models using Treeage Pro 2015. Users can choose from different model types, such as decision trees, Markov models, influence diagrams, discrete event simulation, and more. Users can also import data from Excel, databases, or other sources to populate their models.

Users can then define the parameters and variables of their models, such as probabilities, costs, utilities, outcomes, and objectives. Users can also assign distributions and expressions to represent uncertainty and variability in their models. Users can use the built-in functions and operators to perform calculations and logic in their models.

Users can then run their models and view the results in various formats, such as tables, charts, graphs, reports, and dashboards. Users can also perform different types of analysis on their models, such as sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, value of information analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and more. Users can also compare and rank different alternatives based on their results.

Users can then export their models and results to various formats, such as PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, and more. Users can also share their models and results with others using the Treeage Pro Viewer or the Treeage Pro Web App. 04f6b60f66


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