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Brent Sullivan
Brent Sullivan

Grim Dawn Revive Hc Character [EXCLUSIVE]

To make things clear, I do not want to revive a dead HC character to play it again, I just want to consult the build from the save file, if that is possible. The file is old though, dated from february 2016.

grim dawn revive hc character


I want to try and rebuild a warder based on this dead HC character. It was one of my best build ever but I ripped him to a reflective boss in ultimate at lev 80. I moved on but I never deleted the grayed out character. After all the time I forgot some of the specifics from my build. I just remember it roughly and I would like to see what skill tree and items exactly I was using. I know I should have saved it in a grim calc file or something but I didnt.

There is a disconnect somewhere that I cannot find. I deleted the save files from the GD Stash Dir and loaded the game to make sure those are the files Grim dawn is using and they are as I had no characters to play.


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