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Stroke Survivors

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Jeremiah Bell
Jeremiah Bell

Sault Glory

A veteran of cross-country marathons, Bell works as a nurse in Saginaw. His Michigan-born wife, Debbie Shaffer (aka Shoffner), is a former drive time announcer from the glory days of Sault Ste. Marie radio station 99.5 YES-FM.

Sault Glory


An NFT (Non-fungible token) is a digital asset that gives a user a unique, verifiable indicator of control and ownership. NFTs enable new kinds of technological advancements and digital experiences for fans beyond just art, as they have been used for, to date. Moonsault Genesis NFTs will be the gateway to Web3 experiences for WWE fans.

WWE Moonsault is on the Eluvio Content Fabric, a content blockchain that is an Ethereum Virtual Machine based blockchain that operates a Proof-Of-Authority consensus mechanism. All Content Fabric operations are recorded in the Content Fabric blockchain ledger and visible through its open ledger event log.

Moonsault is the official marketplace for WWE NFTs and the online destination for the WWE Universe. The daring Moonsault maneuver embodies the fearless spirit of the Web3 age. The name conjures up images of not only a crushing acrobatic flip but also of soaring to new metaphorical heights and reaching new digital frontiers.By joining the discord and participating in NFT drops on WWE Moonsault, you get direct access to the biggest moments, memories, experiences, and superstars all in one place.

WWE NFT Flips are like one-of-a-kind, old-school collectibles with a massive Web3 upgrade. You can take your fandom to new heights and relive legendary matches and iconic moments featuring your favorite Superstars. Each Moonsault collection will offer a limited supply of Cases, each containing 3 randomized NFT Flips. Cases can be opened upon purchase, revealing jaw-dropping moments, and then transform after major events.

WWE Moonsault uses the Eluvio wallet. You can create one by signing up or signing on with your email or Apple ID. Open your NFT Flip, scroll down and click the link below to open the full wallet experience and complete your transfer. 041b061a72


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