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Stroke Survivors

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Ivan Gordeev
Ivan Gordeev

Shreddage 2 Serial Number

I'm installing on my new computer and i dont remember it being this difficult. Now i have Shreddage 3 Stratus downloaded in Pulse and Shreddage 3 in Native Access. My problem is i can't Add Library in NA. I'm assuming because i'm trying to use the stratus folder instead of just Shreddage 3?... But if there is a way to get Stratus in NA i'm unable to do it. My serial doesn't work in NA only Pulse. Hope this makes sense im going crazy with this installation.

Shreddage 2 Serial Number

It says its not valid but i believe its because i already entered it and it gave me Stratus instead of just Shreddage 3. So Pulse gives me S3 Stratus and NA gives me just S3. My serial just shows S3... ? 076b4e4f54


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