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The Life and Career of Elsa Leite Fenabel, the Queen of Portuguese Movies

Elsa Leite Fenabel: The Star of Portuguese Cinema

Elsa Leite Fenabel is a renowned actress and entrepreneur from Portugal, who has starred in several films and TV shows. She is also the president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Paredes, a city in northern Portugal, and the founder of Fenabel, a company specialized in producing chairs.

Elsa Leite Fenabel Filme

Early Life and Career

Elsa Leite Fenabel was born in Paredes, Portugal, in 1965. She developed a passion for acting at a young age and participated in several theater groups and school plays. She studied business administration at the University of Porto and later joined her family's furniture business.

In 1987, she made her debut on the big screen with the film "O Lugar do Morto", directed by António-Pedro Vasconcelos. She played the role of Ana, a young woman who falls in love with a mysterious stranger. The film was a success and earned her several awards and nominations.

Filmography and Awards

Since then, Elsa Leite Fenabel has appeared in many films and TV shows, both in Portugal and abroad. Some of her most notable works include:

  • "A Mulher do Próximo" (1988), a comedy directed by José Fonseca e Costa, where she played the role of Teresa, a bored housewife who has an affair with her neighbor.

  • "Os Cornos de Cronos" (1991), a fantasy film directed by José Álvaro Morais, where she played the role of Helena, a woman who travels back in time to ancient Greece and meets Zeus.

  • "O Delfim" (2002), a drama film directed by Fernando Lopes, based on the novel by José Cardoso Pires. She played the role of Maria das Mercês, the wife of a wealthy landowner who is involved in a political conspiracy.

  • "A Outra Margem" (2007), a drama film directed by Luís Filipe Rocha, where she played the role of Sofia, a transsexual woman who struggles with her identity and family.

  • "A Vida Invisível" (2013), a drama film directed by Vítor Gonçalves, where she played the role of Margarida, a woman who suffers from Alzheimer's disease and tries to reconnect with her past.

Elsa Leite Fenabel has won several awards for her acting performances, such as the Golden Globe for Best Actress in 2003 for "O Delfim" and the Sophia Award for Best Actress in 2014 for "A Vida Invisível". She has also been nominated for other prestigious awards, such as the European Film Award and the Goya Award.

Entrepreneurship and Controversy

Besides acting, Elsa Leite Fenabel is also a successful entrepreneur. She founded Fenabel, a company that produces chairs for various markets, such as hospitality, health care, education and home. Fenabel has offices in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Dubai.

However, Elsa Leite Fenabel's business ventures have also been marred by controversy. In 2009, she was kidnapped and threatened by a Lebanese partner who owed her 225 thousand euros for furniture supplies. She was forced to sign documents that waived the debt and transferred the ownership of Fenabel Middle East to him. She managed to escape and return to Portugal, but continued to receive death threats and defamation campaigns from him. The case was investigated by the Portuguese Judicial Police and Interpol.

Personal Life and Future Projects

Elsa Leite Fenabel is married to Mário Leite, a businessman and politician who is the mayor of Paredes. They have two children, Pedro and Ana. Elsa Leite Fenabel is also involved in several social and cultural causes, such as supporting women's rights, education and the arts.

Elsa Leite Fenabel is currently working on new film projects, both as an actress and as a producer. She is also planning to expand her business to new markets, such as Asia and America. She hopes to continue to inspire and entertain people with her talent and passion.


Elsa Leite Fenabel is a remarkable woman who has achieved success in both the film industry and the business world. She is a versatile and talented actress who has starred in many films and TV shows, winning several awards and recognition. She is also a visionary and courageous entrepreneur who has founded and managed a successful company that produces chairs for various sectors. She has faced many challenges and difficulties, but has always overcome them with determination and resilience. She is a role model and an inspiration for many people, especially women, who aspire to pursue their dreams and goals. b99f773239

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