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The Thundermans Season 1

Episodes20Average viewers2.05Premiere episodeAdventures in SupersittingPremiere dateOctober 14, 2013Finale episodeBreaking DadFinale dateJune 14, 2014ChronologyPreviousNextSeason 2Season 1 is the first season of the Nickelodeon sitcom, The Thundermans. The season premiered on October 14, 2013 and ended on June 14, 2014.

The Thundermans Season 1

In this season, the Thundermans are adjusting to living a normal life in Hiddenville while keeping their superhero identity. Hank has a hard time leaving his superhero life behind but Barb is ready for the family to live a normal. At first, they have a "no non-supes" rule in the house so the kids from accidentally exposing their powers. But as Phoebe and Max make more friends, and Billy and Nora learn to be more careful using their powers, the rule is lifted.

Phoebe gets involved with a lot of school activities including school choir, running for class president while Max focuses on pranks and his evil phase. However, every now and then throughout the season, Max competes with Phoebe to prove that he's just as good as her.

Principal Bradford confiscates Max's evil chronicle just before Max's chronicle review with Dark Mayhem. On the way to his office, Bradford runs into Allison and the Green Teens club protecting a stink plant during its blooming season. After the confrontation, Bradford decides to cut down the plant. Allison asks Phoebe, Max and Cherry to join Green Teens to help protect the club. Max refuses to join the club but Dr. Colosso advises him to join the club in order to use their keys to get into the Principal's office and steal his chronicle back. After joining the club, Max gives them the idea to get enough signatures to help stop Bradford. When Phoebe and Max go to photocopy the signatures, Max steals the diary back and ditches Phoebe. Principal Phoebe is busted by Principal Bradford who blames her and the Green Teens Club for giving Max access to his office. Bradford bans the club, making Phoebe very mad at Max. During the chronicle review, Max feels guilty for hurting Phoebe. So, he walks out on him and goes to help Phoebe and Allison's Green Teenz to stop Bradford from destroying the tree. Phoebe thanks Max for saving them and says it will take time to forgive him. Back at home, Dark Mayhem tells Dr. Colosso that he's impressed by Max because he had the guts to walk out on him. 041b061a72


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