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Config.cfg Fix

The training.score_weights setting in your config.cfg lets you customize thescores shown in the table and how they should be weighted. In this example, thelabeled dependency accuracy and NER F-score count towards the final score with40% each and the tagging accuracy makes up the remaining 20%. The tokenizationaccuracy and speed are both shown in the table, but not counted towards thescore.


With your defining additional code and the updated config.cfg,you can now run spacy train and point the argument --codeto your Python file. Before loading the config, spaCy will import module and your custom functions will be registered.

Each worker receives a shard of the data and builds a copy of the modeland optimizer from the config.cfg. It also has a communicationchannel to pass gradients and parameters to the other workers. Additionally,each worker is given ownership of a subset of the parameter arrays. Everyparameter array is owned by exactly one worker, and the workers are given amapping so they know which worker owns which parameter.

The following configuration variables are located in the IntradocDir/config/config.cfg file. These variables define instance settings for the Admin Server and most of the configuration settings for the Content Server.

By default when you launch CSGO, it loads your settings from the default config.cfg. You can edit this file but it does cause a few issues, it can make even changing the smallest of settings such as volume a bit complicated and sometimes just not working at all.

Alternatively if easier you can always make a copy of the file already in that folder named config.cfg and rename the copy to autoexec.cfg, this will make an autoexec of your current state of your game. If you believe you have found your perfect settings I recommend doing this as it is so much more convenient.

My question is: Should i change some lines in config.cfg file to match the bert.ner.mannual recipe? Especially set the tokenizer-vocab to be './bert-base-uncased-vocab.txt'?

The SU2 configuration file name typically carries a name of the form filename.cfg. The file extension .cfg is optional (this is our own convention), and the prefix can be any valid string with no spaces; e.g. config.cfg, su2-config.cfg, and flow_config.cfg are all suitable file names.

Note: Of course the MSI file should be rolled out after the config.cfg. However, whatever mechanism you use (Group Policies, Altiris, ...), if you can roll out an MSI, you can also roll out the config.cfg.

The config.cfg file is actually a gzip-compressed tar file (tar.gz), a very common archive format in the Linux/Unix/Mac OS X world. You can open the archive and modify its internals. However, that can lead to producing unusable configuration, effectively meaning you could repurpose hundreds of devices with a totally useless configuration. So beware!

If a file named MACADDRESS.cfg exists on the boot medium (meaning the MAC address of the local machine), it will be preferred over config.cfg. That means, you can prepare your USB stick to automatically repurpose different devices with different configuration.

The config.cfg contains ALL configuration. You may extract the file config.dat manually and just place this file on the boot medium. You can even create per-machine config.dat's named as MACADDR.dat similar to how described above.

For oslo_config.cfg.MultiOpt the item_type parameter definesthe type of the values. For convenience, oslo_config.cfg.MultiStrOptis MultiOpt with the item_type parameter set tooslo_config.types.MultiString.

In a Windows 2003 clustered environment, a customer clicked on the General Configuration link from Admin Server and received the following error:node1 IdcAdmin: Event generated by user 'sysadmin' at host 'myhost'. Could not load 'config.cfg'. Unable to read X:/stellent/idcm1/config/config.cfg. Make sure that this file exists.

so, ive basically copied around 600 lines of commands from my autoexec.cfg to my config.cfg. The problem is that after a while the config keeps deleting some lines automatically. like when i looked back into it, it had 132 lines of commands. why is it doing that?

I had this problem for the longest time, whenever I closed TF2, config.cfg would just reset to however far back it wanted; I'm guessing it has something to do with Steam Cloud. I just ended up putting anything I wanted changed in my autoexec so at least my changes would be applied while I was playing. 041b061a72


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