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Yefim Alekseev

Social Circle Mastery Braddock Pdf

On an immediate level, we use Social Circle Mastery in twodifferent but related ways:1. As a source of beautiful women. Ofcourse, this only happened when we learned how to find, join, andlead social circles that have these beautiful women in them. Thisis what led us to create the MRB5 model, which I will get intobelow.

Social Circle Mastery Braddock Pdf

2. As glue. With any woman, theres always a chance that herlogistics (other commitments, friends, etc.) will prevent you fromgetting to know her on the same night you meet her. Weve allsucceeded against heroic odds and those make for some of the beststories, but the mundane reality is those are more rare than wewould like and take a lot of work and time for very little reward.For example, the runway model you just met after a fashion showprobably isnt going to be able to go anywhere with you that night,no matter how good you are. By building and managing social circlesin the right way, you can absorb her into your life and grow herinterest in you over time without you actually doing anything. Inthe Social Circle Mastery seminar we call this slow burn game.

Types of People: The Key Players in Social Circle MasteryThinkof your social circle as concentric rings of relationships withdifferent people; the more interaction, time, shared experience,and get emotions you share with a person the closer they are toyour core.

The different rings of the concentric circle making up yoursocial circle are:1) You and your best friend2) Your Core or yourtop 3-4 friends3) Your Family or the top 15-30 people you hang outwith4) Your Community or the 30-1000+ people that you interactwith.

The basis of social circle game is building a lifestyle whereyou can farm relationships from the people that naturally come intoyour life or the one offs. You accomplish this by carefullyselecting and screening the people in your family to maximize whocomes into your life through your community.

4 People To Look For When Creating Social Circle MasterySocialDead Ends: take away value rather than creating it. Try to cutsocial dead ends out of your group. Like attracts like. If you fillyour social circle with bad people, you will repel good people andkeep attracting more bad people. When we say bad, we are notnecessarily speaking of bad people who do illegal things orproactively try to hurt you. Those types of people should obviouslybe purged from your social circle. What we are talking about arethe types of people whos personalities repel people. They are hotgirl repellant and offend or annoy guys you want to be friendswith. Having one of these people with you all the time is liketrying to drive a car across the country with a 10,000 lbs boatanchor attached to your bumper. The Social Circle Mastery DVDcovers how to figure out of you have any of these guys in your crewand how to handle them if you do.

Social Connector: is the type of person who knows everyone, isalways on the phone, and is always on facebook. Every 40-50 mansocial circle is glued together by one or two people; these peopleare the social connectors. By adding a social connector you gainaccess to their network and can thus leverage one relationship into40 or 50. These people are CRUCIAL for Social Circle Masterysuccess. If you can add a few of these guys to your inner circleyour social circle can triple over night. Without these guys orgirls you can be the coolest most interesting guy in the world andit wont matter. You will basically be cold approaching or have atiny social circle that never replenishes its self. The SocialCircle Mastery DVD set covers how to find these social connectorsand how to bring value to them so they want to be your friend.

When you start to make changes with your social circle byintroducing social connectors, you will hit a tipping point withthe number and quality of people you hang out with on a regularbasis. Tipping Point: The straw that breaks the camels back. Asmall change that makes a big difference. Watch for that change,that way you will know you are on the right track and Social CircleMastery is within your grasp. Once you have hit the tipping point,start focusing more on your interactions within the social groupsas opposed to building your social network.0Social Circle Mastery:Social Tree TheoryThursday, November 1, 2012

Also note the interconnectivity between social trees. The SocialCircle Mastery DVD set will show you how some trees are distinct,but highly linked, some are completely separate. Some trees aretrees within trees (like a fraternity within a University or atyour office). Your success with social circle game will have muchto do with the number and quality of trees to which you and membersof your family are connected.

Proper Social Circle Tree Management Creates Warm ApproachesOneof the best things you will learn from the Social Circle MasteryDVDs is that the more interconnected you are with a tree, the moreyou can warm approach. Warm Approach: You passively have value(possibly through your social circle), and women want you toapproach them and will be receptive. You can open by simply saying,Hi Im Nick. The less connected you are with a tree, the more it islike cold approach. Cold Approach You have no value built in andthey are not necessarily inviting you/dont necessarily want you toapproach.

You cant be the leader of all of the people in all of the trees,but you want to be in a group of 3-4 guys who are highly respectedwithin the social circles and with whom you share a mutual respectfor each other. Most likely each of you within your group will havedifferent roles (eg. the funny guy, the business man, theorganizer, social connector, etc).0Social Circle Mastery OverviewPart 2Friday, November 2, 2012

Social Circle Mastery: The BasicsSocial Circle Mastery is thefoundation of next generation pick up and dating techniques. Ittakes us beyond relying only on cold approach to meet women andenhance your social life. It has several purposes to make it easierto meet and seduce 10s and also to better manage your social lifein general and to understand the social dynamics that affect anygroup situation, such as school or work.COLD APPROACH VS. SOCIALCIRCLE MasteryMost dating in todays society is done through socialcircles. On the other hand, cold approach in society is done bynaturals as a hobby because their sub- communications are strongdue to their social circle status. A lot of guys start down thecold approach path because they are trying to break out of theirposition within their current social circle, entirely change theirsocial circle, or have recently moved or graduated and have nosocial circle.As we discussed in in part one of this series, thereare many key differences between Social Circle Mastery and ColdApproach. For example, you would NEVER use routines in SocialCircle Mastery because you could quickly burn down the socialcircle and ruin your name and any chances of dating the women inthat circle. Also, physical escalation is much different in yoursocial circles, for example you wouldnt want to do anything aboveplayful touching in public because of the potential socialconsequences. This is discussed in great detail in the SocialCircle Mastery DVD set.KEY TERMS FROM THE SOCIAL CIRCLE MASTERYDVD:Tipping Point: the straw that breaks the camels back. A smallchange that makes a big difference. Introducing/removing certainpeople in your life may make a huge difference by causing a tippingpoint in how big and the quality of your social circle.Thinslicing: a snapshot judgment or your first impression. Your frontalcortex grabs all of your memories that are similar to the person,personality type, situation and within the first few seconds of aninteraction with something new your brain categorizes it with whatyou have previously experienced. You control how other people thinslice you, so a good impression puts you ahead. (This may seemrandom, but Braddock cross pollinates this throughout the DVD setso its an important term to keep in mind.Warm Approach: Youpassively have value (because of the brand you have created withinyour social circle), women observe how other men and women in yoursocial circle respond to you and women want you to approach themand will be receptive. As stated in part 1 of this series, when youhave warm approaches you can open by simply saying, Hi Im Nick.This is one of the most powerful things this course teaches. If youcan master this, your dating life will never be the same. Coldapproach you have no value built in and they are not necessarilyinviting you/want you to approach.PART 1: THE STRUCTURE OF YOURSOCIAL CIRCLETYPES OF CONNECTIONSLets quickly rehash the keyplayers in case you didnt read or understand what I meant in thefirst part of this series. These are the basic building blocks thatwill help with the more advanced concepts.First, lets define twoterms or different types of people: social dead ends andconnectors. A social dead end is someone who adds no value to yourlife and generally brings you down usually through things likenegativity, inability to progress, or disinterest in evolving as aperson, bad social skills with men and women. Many people who gothrough the exercises at the beginning of our Social Circle MasteryDVD recognize some of these behaviors in themselves. Human beingsare imperfect so dont take it personal or beat yourself up if youdo. Simply use that as a jump off point and start getting rid ofthose behaviors.A connector (Social Circle Masterys use of thisterm is inspired by Malcolm Gladwell in THE TIPPING POINT, thoughobviously Braddock changed it to apply to dating science instead ofto societal trends). There are actually a couple of different kindsof connectors.A social connector is someone who has a particularand rare set of social skills. They are CRUCIAL to Social CircleMastery. Social connectors belong in multiple social circles andintroduce people to other people all the time. They are really goodat networking and their juice in life is talking to people. Theircurrency is people. Introduce new people to that person. When youmeet them, dont be in their pocket all night long. When you firststart hanging out with them its key that you dont make them babysit at parties and social gatherings.Dont over game in their socialcircles and dont bring drama either. Be fluid and low maintenancewith them because that is how they operate and treat others. Donthold them to a schedule. Be 60% interested and 40% interesting.They will be the glue of your social circle. Every 40- 50 mansocial circle is glued together by one or two people; these peopleare one of the keys to Social Circle Mastery.A value connector is abit different and plays a different role in Social Circle Mastery.Such a person may be social and is likely to be but it doesntmatter if s/he is a recluse. A value connector has access to scarceresources, where a social connector only has access to differentsocial networks. A value connector may be a doorman or promoter whocan get you into a hot venue. S/he might have access to parties,events, premieres, famous people, and so on. This gives you valueas well, one step removed. To gain the respect of value connectorsyou have to bring independent value to them. Braddock goes intogreat detail on how to meet and bond with value connectors in theSocial Circle Mastery DVD set.Ultimate connectors are people whoare both social connectors and value connectors.Social dead endsare people who hurt your thin slice. In the Social Circle MasteryDVD Braddock says there are two general types: either they arebehind-the-curve dorky and quiet, or they are value thieves. Valuethieves are people who act differently when its just you and whenthere are girls around and proactively game your girl behind yourback. CUT THESE PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR LIFE.The better you get atSocial Circle Mastery, the bigger your social circle will becomeand you can start to lower the threshold for what you will put upwith and what you wont. At this point you can quickly recognize andtrim toxic people. A concept well covered in the Social CircleMastery DVD.Of course, were not talking about using people or amercenary approach to friendship. Most connectors are interesting,positive and passionate people who inspire others around them.Surrounding yourself with high-value people will motivate you tomake the best of your life as opposed to surrounding yourself withpeople whose own failings, insecurities and need to protect theirego justifies settling for the familiar and the routine. Toparaphrase Napoleon Hill in his book THINK AND GROW RICH, when youhang around people who are excellent, you become excellentyourself.The moral of the story, according to Braddock in SocialCircle Mastery, is that you must Be the CEO of you (Brian Tracey).The people of your life are like little LLCs, you have to managethem.THE POWER OF FIFTEEN: THE MAKEUP OF YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLESMostpeoples social lives can be mapped to a series of concentriccircles. There is an innermost core of one or two close friends.Then comes an inner core of another 3-5 people and an outer core ofanother 5-15 people. These arent arbitrary numbers this is how thehuman mind subconsciously qualifies social relationships.Doing boththe academic and the real-world research to come up with that musthave been a pain for Braddock, but its an important concept. SocialCircle Mastery says that the people in these cores comprise of thepeople who most influence your life. It has been said that you arethe average of the 5 people that you hang around the most. This ispartially true, but it is more accurate to say what Social CircleMastery states, that most people are influenced by up to 15 peopleat a time, as different relationships ebb and flow in intensity.Totruly be great at Social Circle Mastery, managing your core iscrucial. Your objective should be to fill your core as much aspossible with connectors. They should bring value to you and youneed to bring value to them. Social Circle Mastery states that yourinner core (2 5 people), determines quality of women you will bearound, you have to give real value to this core. Your (15 1000people) outer core, determines quantity of women.Understanding thatlast Social Circle Mastery concept about the inner and outer coreswill have an massive impact on your dating life. One of theinsights from Social Circle Mastery is that women will judge youbased on your friends. This is true for cold approach (if you arearound fun, cool people and are the life of the party, you areimmediately more attractive) and even more for longer-termrelationships, since most women are interested in the social lifeand opportunities that you bring to her.On a more advanced level ofunderstanding of the Social Circle Mastery DVDs concepts, when youare introduced through friends to other friends, your pre-existingalliances often determine your social value and your relative valueto the person to which you are being introduced. Dont go saying Idont want to play that game. As Braddock says, Beautiful women arehyper-conscious of social value.The key principle about how tocreate a strong inner core is to bring value to peoples lives andthey will bring value to yours. Braddock says you should work hardon becoming a connector and have other connectors in your life. Ifall the slots in your top fifteen are filled with negative peoplewho dont offer value or exhibit forward momentum in their ownlives, then you might need to reassess the role that they play inyours. You can have friends you like and care about who dont helpyou meet your goals in life, but these should not be the onlyfriends you have.The Social Circle Mastery DVDs state that your topthree cores (the approximately 15 most present people in your life)determine your social success in terms of:(a) social status(b) lifeorientation(c) at least some degree life success. You cant expectto fill these spaces with people who cant help you reach your goalsand then complain that these goals are out of reach.


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