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Yefim Alekseev
Yefim Alekseev

Calm With Horses (2020) Crime, Drama ... ##TOP##

"I never would have thought that my first film score would essentially be a regional drama" he says. Blanck Mass' first dalliance with music for the screen was for a one-off rescoring of the Italian horror film The Strange Colour Of Your Body's Tears, which was later released on the Death Waltz label in 2015.

Calm with Horses (2020) Crime, Drama ...

Her character, Ursula, sits on the periphery of a common set of circumstances. She is a lone woman trapped in a world of vile, savage men for whom antiquated notions of pride and honour result in an endless spiral of graphic beatings and operatic slayings. She works at a stable where horses are ridden for therapeutic purposes, and the healing power of these noble beasts seems to work on slow-witted lunk Arm (Cosmo Jarvis) and the learning disabled son he has with Ursula (the pair are friendly but no longer an item).

In a dark, isolated corner of Western Ireland, Calm With Horses follows the story of an ex-boxer, Arm, who has become the hired muscle for a shady, violent family of drug-dealers called the Devers. It is a gritty, tense crime-drama that creates a suffocatingly-dark world juxtaposed with the stunning natural surroundings in which it is set.

Parents need to know that The Shadow of Violence (also known as Calm with Horses) is a brutal and gritty drama that shines a light on a violent, rural society and is explicit in its portrayal of this world. The movie contains drinking, smoking, and drug use -- including cocaine being snorted -- while violent revenge is the leading theme. There is one disturbing scene that builds up towards a middle-aged man creeping into the bedroom of an underage girl -- it's discovered later through conversation that he sexually abused her. A man is attacked to within an inch of his life and another is attacked with a hammer. A dog is heard being shot and a naked corpse is seen hanging from a barn roof. The movie does not glorify such actions, it merely presents them, and it never feels gratuitous. The lead character Arm (Cosmo Jarvis) is desperate to be a good father to his five-year-old autistic son, but he is exploited. Generally the violence within the movie remains within a society of those heavily involved in wrong-doing, even if the innocent are intimidated throughout. There is strong language including uses of "f--k," "s--t," and "c--t."

The plot revolves, as it usually does in this sort of set-up, around the question of how far Arm is prepared to go for his adopted gangland "family" and how he does or does not square that with the real thing. It's usually Keoghan who gets the acting plaudits, but though he is good as a wannabe bad guy, it's Jarvis who provides the heft, in more ways than one here. When he appeared in Lady Macbeth in 2016, he was a broody, rough and ready presence. Here, he gets to show how much he's matured as an actor, bringing and excellent Irish accent and a soulful undercurrent to Arm that captures the spirit of a man with limited intellectual resources trying to grapple with the rights and wrongs of a situation. Algar, meanwhile, does a lot with a little, bringing complexity and conflict to her position as a mum of a troubled kid and friend of his troubled dad, in a role that, if it had had more attention from Joe Murtagh's script, could have elevated the more formulaic elements of this drama into more interesting territory. 041b061a72


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