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Where To Buy Essentia Bottled Water

Keurig Dr Pepper purchased premium water brand Core Nutrition for $525 million in 2018, adding Core Hydration, a nutrient-enhanced bottled water, and Core Organic, a USDA-certified fruit-enhanced hydration beverage. Coca-Cola has Smartwater, and PepsiCo owns Lifewtr in the trendy functional premium water category. With Essentia in the mix, Nestlé will find itself going up against these beverage giants, which are working aggressively to move beyond sugar-laden sodas with more teas, sports drinks and waters.

where to buy essentia bottled water

I took a closer look at an ionized alkaline water called Essentia, a leader in its category whose bold black, red, and white bottles you've no doubt seen everywhere as well. In 2018, the company reported nearly $196 million in retail sales and it's only growing, in both sales and reputation.

It's also supposed to taste better and hydrate you better than traditional waters. According to a published study conducted by Essentia's Director of Clinical and Scientific Research, Dr. Ralph E. Holsworth, Jr., Essentia water resulted in 88% "better hydration" than regular bottled water.

Some would argue that it all tastes the same, but I can definitely taste the difference between various bottled waters. Some leave strange aftertastes, while others feel dry in your throat as you drink it. Essentia tastes noticeably cleaner and smoother than other waters I've tried, and other Insider Picks team members agreed.

Choosing which bottled water brand you should buy has become somewhat of a daunting task considering just how many different brands are out there. We went ahead and compiled a list of the top 6 bottled water brands, comparing each based on 5 categories we've humbly deemed as important to your health, the planet's, as well as our community's.

With all that said, determining which bottled water brand is the best on the market can be a subjective quest. But Waiakea speaks for itself. Our movement away from singular profits and towards a triple bottom line model that emphasizes people, planet, and positive systemic change is something unique to Waiakea alone.

The move to offload such a large part of its business (that generated roughly $3.64bn in sales in 2019) would allow the company to focus on growing its premium bottled water portfolio, said Nestlé USA.

In my adolescence, I went through phases where I begged my parents to add particular brands of water to the grocery list. They would look at me and roll their eyes like I was just being a dramatic teen because all water tastes the same, right? Wrong. It does not all taste the same. And in fact, different brands of bottled water do not even contain the same properties. Water bottle culture aficionados know this to be true.

Fast-forward to the 19th and 20th centuries, when bottled carbonated water as well as mineral water were sold commercially in the U.S., with brands often insisting that it was safer to drink than municipal tap water, which could carry diseases. Water was sold in glass bottles back then, but in the 1970s, plastic became more popular.

The clinical trial, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN), measured how well a leading bottled water and Essentia Water rehydrated participants after moderate aerobic exercise.

Bottled water consumption is increasing to a point where it is now the number one drink in America, which is a first! Bottled water consumption reached 39.3 gallons per capita in 2016, according to Beverage Marketing Corp. Premium unflavored water has also grown 20% annually over the past three years (the category Essentia falls under). Consumers are looking for healthier alternatives to soda and sugary drink, which has spiked the increase in water. Essentia has the potential to disrupt the category with its ionization process, taking away some of the major market share. Retail sales doubled in 2015 and 2016, which shows promise for the future.

Although it's certainly not eco-friendly by any stretch of the imagination, the demand for bottled water continues to proliferate, mostly due to the convenience factor. In fact, according to Statista, bottled water accounted for roughly 24% of beverage consumption in the United States in 2020. Some also believe that it's safer than drinking tap water. However, not all bottled waters are created on equal grounds, and usually the first qualifier is taste.

There's a certain type of nostalgia that comes with a household brand name like Nestlé. But Nestlé Pure Life bottled water doesn't come from reputable sources by any means. In fact, it comes directly from water used by local municipalities. Essentially due to its lack of treatment, you're better off drinking straight-up tap water. Out of all of the bottled waters out there, this one is the most lackluster and slightly hazardous.

PepsiCo is the major conglomerate behind Aquafina, which is why this bottled water practically lines the shelves in every major supermarket. Right off the bat, Aquafina underscores its rigorous purification system, meeting and exceeding the EPA standards. But according to a report published on Mr. Water Geek, PepsiCo admitted that Aquafina is nothing more than tap water, which is why they heavily emphasize the intense filtration process. The Aquafina label lists PWS, which stands for Public Water Source, forcing the widely-recognized brand to remain accountable and transparent to its customers (via ABC News).

Sourced across the great Eastern Seaboard and beyond, Deer Park, a Nestlé brand, claims to pride itself on being 100% natural spring water, emitting a crisp and clean taste. Moreover, they follow a 10-step quality control process that supposedly reflects in the 2020 Water Analysis Report. However, in 2020, Consumer Reports tested 47 bottled waters for heavy metals and toxic PFAS chemicals, a group of man-made chemicals used in consumer products because they don't break down and are resistant to grease, heat, oil, etc., according to Today.

Like Arrowhead, Ozarka is a domestic spring water brand bottled under the BluTriton product label and established in 1905. Today, it's positioned as always fresh, thirst-quenching water served throughout the state of Texas and into the Southeastern states. Fueled by nature, Ozarka claims to never add any unnecessary fillers, and through an elaborate 11-step quality process, promises that every bottle lives up to specific high-caliber criteria. When it comes to taste, many favor this Texan water spring water due to its intrinsicly crisp and refreshing profile, which comes without the lingering, nasty chemical flavors. One verified Walmart purchaser named Anna boldly referenced it as "The Nectar of Gods."

If you're levitating in the "I need to drink more water" universe and need a slight nudge, allow Hint to come to your rescue. In every Hint bottled water, you'll detect a subtle yet approachable whisper of all-natural fruit without unattractive sugar, sweeteners, or calories. It's also categorized as low-mineral, yielding the best taste possible. Another plus: Hint is classified as vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO. If things couldn't get better, there's a wide variety to choose from with 16 total flavors, ranging from Crisp Apple and Clementine to Blood Orange. If you're yearning for a little fizz, a sparkling option is available and also infused with fresh fruit flavors.

As the name alludes, LifeWtr revitalizes water drinkers through a keen sense of creativity and eclectic design. The brand releases a new "series" of artist-designed bottles at regular intervals across the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates, where it is sold. Highlighting three artists per series, the project provides a type of community and national spotlight that can't be replicated. Aside from amplifying creativity, LifeWtr is close to balanced with a pH range of 6.4 to 7.4 and is purified through reverse osmosis. It's also injected with an infusion of electrolytes to yield an exceptionally "clean and crisp" taste. Despite being owned and operated by multinational PepsiCo (per Forbes), this boutique water brand nurtures progressive art and manages to consistently wow consumers without leaning too far into the mainstream.

Ever wonder what it's like to drink supercharged ionized alkaline water? Essentia claims to fit the bill, creating bottled water with an exceptionally high pH of 9.5, basically zero traces of acidity. The body itself is delicately smooth and extraordinarily clean. In fact, Essentia is 99.9% pure premium water, touting a balanced blend of minerals and electrolytes. This is employed through reverse osmosis and microfiltration, without any fluoride or chlorine.

Employing an extensive U.S.-patented 13-step purification process to obliterate all impurities, Penta Water is marketed as an ultra-pure, bottled water brand, completely free of nasty pollution and additives. This crystal-clean water runs through microfiltration to remove contaminants, reverse osmosis to excavate impurities, plus deionization to strip away lingering minerals.

If you're dreaming of soaking up the sun somewhere amongst the Tuscan hills, then Acqua Panna will surely transport you there. According to Drinkpreneur, this water was named after the actual Villa Panna Estate, owned by Florence's Medici family.

If you can't hop on a plane to visit the lush, tropical lands of Hilo, Hawaii, perhaps sipping on Waiākea water will quickly take you there. This brand says its water is known as "purity in its ultimate form." As Waiākea tells it, the process to pump this water is intricate and starts in the bio-diverse forests of Hilo. On the eastern base of the Mauna Loa volcano is a deep well where the water from the snowmelt slowly filters through porous, volcanic rock. As a result, you're left with naturally alkaline water with a pH range of 7.6 to 8.2. Some varieties of Waiākea water are even bottled in a sustainable, proprietary bottle made from refillable aluminum. On Trustpilot, this water brand garners over 600 excellent reviews, mainly highlighting the pristine, fresh taste that's so arduous to find with other mainstream bottled water brands. 041b061a72


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