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Yefim Alekseev
Yefim Alekseev

Journey To The Center Of The Earth Dual Audio Eng 382 [VERIFIED]

dialogue with religions other than christianity is basically one of sharing and concord between men of good will. it is not possible, however, to develop or celebrate an authentic interreligious dialogue if one of the parties is in danger of surrendering itself to a self-centred narrowness, if it denies the validity of other religions, if it is attracted by the errors of the past, or if it refuses to value sufficiently that which is unique to the christian faith. as regards the so-called abrahamic religions, there is no question of any form of relativism or of a liberal point of view, even one which recognizes certain common elements. there are great historical and spiritual differences between judaism, which was professed in the belief in the unity of god, and other religions that, far from denying the true god, have a vision of god radically different and even hostile. the evangelical message of god's love, freedom and goodness is a remedy for all forms of idolatry; it lies at the heart of all religions. this means that the christian religion, with its message of salvation based on the recognition of christ as the son of god, really is the one and only means of salvation. the religions of the world have arisen in different historical circumstances and for the most part have in fact been linked to political events, historical circumstance and to the evolution of a civil order. in this sense it is essential to highlight the fact that the whole world is not christian, and therefore the church cannot profess to speak in its name. sometimes there is question of a misunderstanding: it is not christianity that is limiting itself to a certain circle of believers, but it is the religions that restrict themselves to a certain circle of believers.

journey to the center of the earth dual audio eng 382



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