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I'm Missy, I am from N.J. but live in Florida right now, and I survived damage to my left frontal and temporal lobes from surgery that was done in 1998 to remove a benign brain tumor. I have had follow up MRI scans done which have revealed no re-growth but scarring to my left frontal and temporal areas. I don't work currently, but I volunteer for charitable organizations online. I volunteer for an organization called Body Politic which is a support group for long haulers (individuals that have been sick with covid and have lingering symptoms) and there are many people that have joined this group for support. I also compose music on a piano (classical genre), write short fiction stories, and am a fan for life-long higher learning. When I have the energy, I volunteer for the Crisis Text Line and help individuals who are in a crisis and having suicidal thoughts and/or ideations. My favorite TV show is The Voice and my favorite bands are MUSE and Depeche Mode. I have 2 dogs and 3 lizards (yikes! yes, that's right! 2 water dragons and a chameleon). I never thought I would end up loving lizards, but I do, somehow they found a special place in my life. My dream is to create inspirational music that touches people's hearts and helps them heal inside. I hope that I will be able to share my music with other members who can enjoy hearing what I create!

Marissa Martelle

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