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 Becoming a Member gives you the following 

 Free Services

  • Connect with others like you 

  • Attend Support Group Meetings Online 

  • Educational Webinars

  • Individual TBI Coaching Sessions

  • Job Coaching with Job Search Assistance

      To sign up, click on the Sign Up/Login bar at the upper right corner of this page

Online Support Groups

Support Group

We offer online support groups for members to communicate and connect with each other for emotional support and group discussions. Online Support Group meetings are focused on specific topics of interests including a fun Meet & Greet, Development of Coping Skills, Managing TBI Symptoms, Cognitive Training exercises, and many more.    

Support group meetings are offered the first Tuesday of every month. To join a support group meeting, first sign up to become a member and we will send you an email with a zoom link in advance of the group meeting.
If you have any questions, send an email to 

Online TBI Coaching


Our TBI Life Coaches are trained in identifying individual strengths & weaknesses in a person that has a TBI. Our coaches help individuals with TBI understand how to better manage their issues and limitations, in areas such as personal relationships, managing cognitive difficulties, improving brain health and emotions, and finding ways to balance work and life. Our TBI life coaches also work to identify specific obstacles that may be preventing an individual from reaching their personal or professional goals in life, or limiting their ability to feel happy and secure as a person. They create a personalized plan for each individual that provides individual goals and solutions towards personal and/or professional growth. 

If you're interested in a TBI Life Coaching session, please send us an email with a request so that we can reach back out to you and schedule a day & time.



Job Coaching 

We also help individuals with finding and maintaining employment. Through this program, we assist individuals with performing job searches, creating resumes, and preparing for their job interviews. Our job coaches help members identify their unique strengths and talents and identify specific job opportunities that fit their qualifications. We help our TBI members to feel empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence they need to fulfill their potential. 

If you need assistance with Job Coaching, please send us an email with a request so that we can reach back out to you and schedule a day & time.



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