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Our Mission

At Connecting Survivors, we believe individuals are the pillars which support a much larger entity than themselves. Alone we  become overwhelmed by the complexity of life, but united we stand strong and in solidarity as we join hands in supporting one another. We strive to bring brain injury awareness to the forefront while supporting brain injury advocacy as well. One of the key issues in the brain injury community is the lack of public awareness of the many issues that people face while living with brain injury, as many people don’t know much about the diverse aspects of brain injury and how these brain injuries can affect many people and survivors of all ages and types. Many individuals are also not aware that a Covid-19 infection can cause damage to the brain along with neurological symptoms that may last up to 2 years or longer. That is why we fully believe that brain injury education is paramount as it leads to a better understanding of the subject at hand. For many of those affected by TBI, knowledge is a power and a privilege to be shared with everyone, everywhere, empowering survivors to teach the public about Traumatic Brain Injury.

Life is full of trials and tribulations, that is true, but it also true that survivors do not have to suffer and endure difficulties and issues all by themselves. All survivors are a true beacon of hope to others who are on their own journey of recovery. Connecting Survivors' mission fully endorses, promotes, and stands by the concept of contributing to the greater good of the Brain Injury Community as a whole.

We are a group made up of group of like minded individuals that seek to improve themselves and provide a helping hand for other Survivors who need assistance, support or help during the challenging times of their recovery. We are not alone in this world and no survivor should ever feel alienated or isolated while there are many other survivors out there willing and able to provide the assistance of a helping hand. Everyone needs emotional support and a helping hand from time to time and asking for help is a true and admirable strength as it’s a positive step forward in achieving your life goals.

We want to support many individuals who are struggling and give them the support and tools to help them thrive. Survivors benefit immensely from the support of others who can show them the way to a better quality of life and the endless joy that it brings. 

Please join us in our Journey to Unite Survivors around the Globe while Spreading Awareness, Advocacy, Education, and the Survivors helping Survivors initiative.

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