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Hello Everone!

My name is Jack and I have a TBI too. Last year, I was riding my skateboard on the sidewalk in my neighborhood and I went right off the curb near my mailbox and took a hard fall against the street on my side. My mom had to take me to the hospital and I had a CT scan done and then I saw the doctor and he said I probably have a concussion. If only I would have just worn a helmet!

I have headaches when I'm at school, I get really tired now and then and I have such a hard time talking to other people, my family and my friends. I am trying to do as much as I can every day with homework and talking to friends and cleaning up my room. It's just so much! My mind just becomes really overwhelmed so easily and I always forget to do certain things. This is the hospital where I stayed overnight and had my CT test done.


I hope that sharing my story will help other kids realize that they're not alone. I feel very different from my friends, but I know that these brain issues are not what makes me who I am inside. I love to crack jokes, make people laugh, and have fun playing X-Box. Send me some messages if you ever want to chat! I would really like to talk to other girls and boys that are gong through the same things as me.   

Jack and Brianna are members of our support group and we have virtual support group meetings every Saturday! 
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Hi I'm Brianna! I am one of Jack's friends at school!

Chat with Jack! 

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Jack loves singing love songs

Jack loves singing love songs

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I love singing when I have free time and have all my homework done. Here is a song that I just sang to today! 

My mom always plays songs by a band called New Kids on the Block. Not many of my friends know who this band as it seems like a much older one. But me and my mom sing it together and it's fun! Maybe you can too!

This video is me and my dad talking together. I know he really loves me a lot and just wants me to be happy!

Jack loves Music

Chat virtually online with Jack! He can offer you some hope & support!

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